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leaf pavilion by the lake

Silver in Public Space Architecture Designs / Community center in
The International Design Awards (IDA)

The Community Center is situated within a rural village in Ya'an, Sichuan, China, as part of a broader regional effort by the local government to stimulate rural tourism. Ya'an holds a prominent position in tea production, boasting a tea culture with a history spanning hundreds of years. This architectural endeavor takes cues from the region's conventional sloping roof architecture while introducing modifications to the building's layout. The resulting design finds a nuanced equilibrium between the vernacular and the defamiliarized.

The leaf-like floor plan introduces a sense of lightness to the eaves, generating a distinctive architectural contour that gracefully follows the water's edge. The central eaves of each structure adopt a gently downward gesture, subtly redirecting occupants' visual focus toward the distant horizon. Meanwhile, the terminations of each room feature vertical spaces that provide visitors with unobstructed panoramic views of the nearby lake and mountains.

The overall massing adapts to the site's natural elevation gradient from west to east, generating an interior spatial arrangement that emulates the cascading topography of the adjacent terraced tea fields. Upon entry, visitors are guided along this gradually changing floor elevation, culminating in a serene waterside trail.

Cross Section


team: Yang Fei, Yizhen Wang, Shunfan Zheng, Andi Zhang, Xinyi Zhou

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