collaborator: Qinrong Liu, Ruize Li (CO-MILIEU)

Finalist in Concéntrico 10,
International Architecture and Design Festival of Logroño

A 72 meters long table designed with hyper-scale is introduced to the site in response to the conventional activities of outdoorlong table dinner took place in Vineyard. The elvated height of the table allows visitors to gain a panoramic view of Vina Lanciano beyond the massive foliage. The long table acts like a mian stem that all the upscaled leaf-form chairs are attached to it as if they grow out from the table.

Multiple environment elements coexsit in the area. The linearity of table and the vast amount of supporting legs represents the cultivation form across Vina Lanciano. The continous yet varied surface forms within the table reflect on the curved topographic change of the river and the land. Meanwhile, the lifted curved surface created a arched gate as a passway, which may recall people's memory of the bridge near the site as well.

25 tall chairs of similar but different forms are placed along the long table, while structurally attached to it in order to fortify the integral stability and stifiness. The type of chairs can be mainly described as three: individuals, booleaned with the table, and multiples grouped into one. Most of the chairs are designed with seats lower than the height of the long table, while some of the chairs has its seat merged with the table due to the identical elevation. Some chairs are combinations of several ones.

Despite being lined up in the same direction, various of rotations and inclinations are made to the chairs. A vital image of family is thus created by the sequence of resembled objects redolent of sprouting foliage in breeze or multitudes dancing and farming. They are coexisting solitary objects with distinct gestures yet united to share the same table and landscape. Visitors can climb onto the chair to sit and behold the scenery, while watching other individuals sitting around in all kinds of poses.

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