shore as river, river as shore

Finalist in Concéntrico 10,
International Architecture and Design Festival of Logroño

Our proposal encompasses a duality in narrative and sensory experience. As visitors are drawn into the entrance, the contrast between the blue and the warm-colored ground, along with the plywood material, suggests stepping into a imaginative body of water. Here, the blue walkways are not mere paths but “Rivers” in abstract, and the wooden hues of the wings and plaza transform into metaphorical “Shores”.

As one meanders on the plaza, the 450mm elevation of the installation emerges as an unspoken boundary, reminiscent of a shoreline’s edge. It follows a journey across the plaza, a search for the ‘onboard’ entrance, where metaphors of ‘Shore’ and ‘River’ elegantly invert.
The installation’s dual figures – the inner figure and outer figure – dialogues with its surroundings: the outer figure, a reimagining of public spaces, pays homage to the plaza’s central tree and the statue of two pilgrims, while the inner figures, carved as social tunnels, craft intersections of communal engagement.

Through the multi-layered interpretability of the design concept and the installation’s versatility in accommodating various activities like gatherings, speeches, passage, rest, and contemplation, we aim to foster a coexistence among people, between people and the city, and across time.

collaborator: Qinrong Liu, Ruize Li(CO-MILIEU)

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